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All CPD events held at the Build and Design Centre are free to attend, light lunches are provided from 11:30, and limited free parking is available. CPD points are awarded by the presenters. Seats are limited, so please be sure to register today.

Tuesday, 15 August
12:00 - 13:00

PRESENTER: James Moller, Application Specialist.

TOPIC: Enhancing concrete performance through specification and managing site practices.

OVERVIEW: What is achievable with Concrete has changed considerably. Concrete suppliers are constantly working on advanced product solutions, however the product still needs to be handled correctly to achieve the best outcome.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Understand changes in concrete mix capability. Recognise how the change in concrete performance has demanded a change in site handling. Understand how to specify concrete products and site practice controls.

Tuesday, 29 August
12:00 - 13:00

PRESENTER: Shaun Scott, Director.

TOPIC: Principles of Double Glazing.

OVERVIEW: Property owners are looking to create homes that are adaptable, sustainable and resilient. While double glazing is most commonly associated with colder climates, the system is an important tool in the creation of energy efficient buildings. This presentation explains the principles of double glazing, and how it can achieve thermal and energy efficiency while at the same time reducing the harmful effects of environmental noise. It includes explanations of important terminology as well as technical explanations of thermal break and uPVC technology.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: To understand and recognise the principles of double glazing and secondary glazing. To understand thermal break and uPVC technology and how this is applied in double glazing. To define relevant terminology (U-value, RW Rating, SHGC) used in the glazing industry.

Tuesday, 12 September
12:00 - 13:00

PRESENTER: Tyrone Peck, Specifications Manager.

TOPIC: Seismic design considerations for non-structural components.

OVERVIEW: USG Boral offers a wide range of wall and ceiling systems that provide solutions to various requirements of the National construction Code of Australia and enable designers and builders to offer added value to their clients. Tyrone's presentation will run through a broad understanding of seismic design relating to suspended ceilings under AS-NZS 2785:2000 in commercial class 2-9 construction.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: To understand: AS1170.4:2007 - Structural Design Actions – Earthquake Actions in Australia. AS/NZS 1170.0.2002 – Structural Design Actions – General Principals. AS/NZS 2785:2000 – Suspended Ceilings, Design and Installation.