Earn CPD points, presented by industry leaders in a venue where all the latest and greatest building products are presented in world class showrooms and displays.

All CPD events held at the Build and Design Centre are free to attend, light lunches are provided from 11:30, and limited free parking is available. CPD points are awarded by the presenters. Seats are limited, so please be sure to register today.

Tuesday, 23 January
12:00 - 13:00

PRESENTER: Sam Lanigan, Product Manager Commercial.

TOPIC: Commercial Mechanical Door Hardware Application.

OVERVIEW: Providing an education in Commercial Mechanical Hardware product and the national standards that relate to commercial applications for fire, disabled access and differentiating from residential hardware.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Understanding the framework from which we benchmark product. Understanding the Australian standards and how they relate to door hardware. Understand the difference between Commercial and residential hardware and where each application can be used. Gain a working knowledge of Gainsborough Hardware ranges and being able to apply this to projects. Introduction to Gainsborough specification tool GSPEC.

Tuesday, 6 February
12:00 - 13:00

PRESENTER: Nick Barr, Regional Manager.

TOPIC: Acrylic Laminate - Features and Benefits.

OVERVIEW: Nick will cover the latest in Acrylic Products and Technology in both High Gloss and Matte Acrylic's edge profiles. The presentation includes an overview of applications, substrates Acrylic can be used on, and the importance of correct adhesive in lamination processes.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Understand the features and benefits of Acrylic products and where the products can be used. Learn about the latest in Acrylic and why the manufacturing and lamination processes are so important. Understand the capabilities of Australian made Acrylic, the environmental advantages of using Acrylic, and why Australian made products are a safer option than imports. Understand Building Codes & Standards for combustible products behind cook tops and ovens. Insight into the care and maintenance of Acrylic Products to ensure the best looking finish for your application.

Tuesday, 20 February
12:00 - 13:00


TOPIC: Non-Combustible External Cladding Solutions.

OVERVIEW: Recent events have raised concerns about the combustibility and hence safety of certain cladding materials in high-rise building applications. Such events include but are not limited to: Docklands Apartment Fire, Melbourne (2014), Grenfell Tower Fire, London (2017), Torch Tower Fire, Dubai (2015 & 2017) This training aims to provide you with Information relating to the suitability of James Hardie external cladding products where non-combustible materials are required, and demonstrate versatile design options that can be achieved with James Hardie's non-combustible cladding products.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Understanding of the relevant National Construction Code (NCC) Clauses. How James Hardie products satisfy Non-Combustibility requirements. Technical Support Offer - How can James Hardie Help. How to achieve best practice design with James Hardie claddings. Practical examples and case studies.