Earn CPD points, presented by industry leaders in a venue where all the latest and greatest building products are presented in world class showrooms and displays.

All CPD events held at the Build and Design Centre are free to attend, light lunches are provided from 11:30, and limited free parking is available. CPD points are awarded by the presenters. Seats are limited, so please be sure to register today.

Tuesday, 27 June
12:00 - 13:00

PRESENTER: Craig Forsyth, State Sales Manager.

TOPIC: Design and Documentation of Ritek Structural Wall. In-situ Insulated. Custom Built Permanent Form Work to Your Design.

OVERVIEW: Ritek XL Wall is Permanent Formwork custom manufactured by James Hardie Systems. Ritek is thinner than traditional block and brick, an advantage on tight construction sites, and incorporates in-situ insulation allowing for a high thermal rating. The sanded surface is ready for direct setting by finishing trades to a level four finish which removes cost, time and space and it has an impact resistant durable fibre cement surface. Perfect for high traffic areas with high occupancy and activity levels.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Understanding Permanent Formwork. Selecting the correct product for the application. Design benefits which should be considered prior to specifying. Construction benefits offered by pre-fabricated structural wall systems. Certification, compliance and warranty considerations.

Tuesday, 4 July
12:00 - 13:00

PRESENTERS: Donna Roffey & Alison Sayce - Specification.

TOPIC: AS1428.1 2009 amendment 1 : Design for Access & Mobility Part 1:

OVERVIEW: General Requirements for Access New Building. Items Covered: Backrests, Seats, Accessible Toilets, Grab Rails, Ambulant Toilets, Sole Occupancy Basins, Accessible Basins, Tapware.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Recognise the difference between compliant and non-compliant sanitary fixtures. Consider the different requirements for "Accessible" and "Ambulant" facilities. Understand the definition of "sole occupancy". Recognise the appropriate tap-ware to comply with AS1428.1-2009.

Tuesday, 18 July
12:00 - 13:00


TOPIC: Screens & Security

OVERVIEW: Screens are no longer just screens. Over the years this industry has evolved and it now offers a wide range of options. Gone are the days of not being able to fit security, yes security doors to your beautiful folding glass doors – the solution to this is at your fingertips and we will show you. Also, with a strong focus on exit strategies for our homes in the event of fire there are multiple options available, daily piece of mind with home security and knowing we can get the little ones out in an emergency. A number of "heavy duty performance" options also apply for the Commercial sector.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Understanding the different types, configurations and screening options available for domestic and commercial applications. Definition and benefits of Screens, applicable Australian Standards, Bushfire Attack levels for screens.