ARCHITECTS are invited to Formal CPD presentations by industry leaders in a venue where all the latest building products are presented in world class showrooms.

All CPD events held at the Build and Design Centre are free to attend, light lunches are provided from 11:30, and limited free parking is available. CPD points are awarded by the presenters. Seats are limited, so please be sure to register today.

Tuesday, 19 June
12:00 - 13:00

PRESENTER: Michael Mrowka, Director REA Solar.

TOPIC: AC Solar Technology - Advanced Applications.

OVERVIEW: This presentation will cover the latest in solar technology and upcoming rules and regulation changes (by Energex, Ergon and Electrical Safety Commission.) which will affect the design, specification and integration of solar technology on new and existing buildings.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: To understand and identify the difference between DC and AC solar systems. Learn the latest in upcoming Solar Electrical Standards. Learn how to calculate actual solar yield and the difference between kW peak system rating and total kWh production. Understand how Solar products need to be designed for regulatory changes and how they address the ongoing issues of safety, reporting, space requirements and correct orientation.

Tuesday, 10 July
12:00 - 13:00

PRESENTER: Clark Montagu, Business Development Manager.

TOPIC: Protection for openings - Stainless steel woven mesh screens.

OVERVIEW: Applications for mesh screens for projects as a multi-faceted solution to meet specific design requirements for fire protection, balustrade infill panel, security, cyclone debris protection, fall protection, anti-throw screening, anti-electrification screening and solar heat gain reduction.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Gain an understanding of wire used in mesh screens. Have knowledge of design solutions for application of woven mesh screens for protection of openings. Understand how different product choices effect projects requirements/compliance and aesthetics. Understand terminology and technical requirements to specify mesh screens that meet the design and standards criteria.

Tuesday, 24 July
12:00 - 13:00

PRESENTER: Lizan Yee, National Marketing & Sales Manager.

TOPIC: Specifying concealed fixing systems to ensure plywood protection and appeal.

OVERVIEW: Austral Plywoods will examine new ways to conceal fix plywood externally and internally to better protect the appearance of plywood. The new products that can be used with secret fixing.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Understanding the new systems available with concealed fixing. To eliminate face fixing as a method of securing your panel. To improve the appearance of your plywood lining and the durability against water staining. These systems will ensure your warranty on the coating of plywood and greatly reduce the labour costs of installing.