INTERIOR SPECIFIERS are invited to CPD presentations by industry leaders in a venue where all the latest building products are presented in world class showrooms.

NOTE: As of the 24th of October, these sessions will be held at 5:30 - 6:30PM.

All CPD events held at the Build and Design Centre are free to attend, and limited free parking is available. CPD points are awarded as per the guidelines set out by the Design Institute of Australia (DIA). Seats are limited, so please be sure to register today.

Wed, 10 October
12:00 - 1:00PM

PRESENTER: Colin Skead, General Manager EGR Decor.

TOPIC: Decorative vertical surface innovations for inspirational and functional spaces in commercial and residential applications.

DESIGN INSPIRATIONS: We will showcase the latest trends in furniture, cabinetry and wall cladding applications. Our team travel the world to experience the latest trends in furniture, cabinetry and wall cladding applications. We want to share the latest inspirations and their practical application in residential and commercial designs.

TECHNICAL CONSIDERATIONS: With the wide range of decorative vertical surfaces available comes and equally broad range of technical considerations in choosing the appropriate material. Colin will walk you through the selection process for a number of residential and commercial applications.

SPECIFICATION & DOCUMENTATION: We will highlight key points in specifying appropriate products and demonstrate the best methodology for acquiring samples.

SHOWROOM VISIT: Join us for a see, touch and feel experience of our surfaces in our showroom which has been designed as resource for you.

Wed, 24 October
5:30 - 6:30PM

PRESENTER: Jo Webb, Specifications Manager QLD/NT.

TOPIC: Designer Suspended ceilings (from drab to fab).

DESIGN INSPIRATIONS: Jo will present projects where various different products have been used to change the colour texture and appearance of suspended ceilings. Images show how a space can be transformed from conventional space to high end luxury space by the use of specialist ceiling tiles.

TECHNICAL CONSIDERATIONS: We will discuss the various products seen in the design inspirations section coving colour, texture, important technical data and NRC.

SPECIFICATION & DOCUMENTATION: In this section we cover what you need to specify and document to get the desired project outcome. From product to size, texture, colour and installation.

SHOWROOM VISIT: During our showroom visit you will see products in action, samples, fixing hardware, fabrics, colours and more colours.

Wed, 7 November
5:30 - 6:30PM

PRESENTER: Christina Elvin, State Sales Manager.

TOPIC: How to specify joinery products and beat the value engineer.

DESIGN INSPIRATIONS: We will review the scope of Australian decorative surface trends. Tactile, naturalistic finishes with dashes of opulence enhance the current trends throughout the country. Whilst we are influenced from abroad Australians value unique, sophisticated spaces we work and live in within. The key is to deliver within budget without compromising design intent. Throughout the module we will discuss the way in which complimentary product categories deliver just that.

TECHNICAL CONSIDERATIONS: This module is designed to extend your knowledge on decorative joinery products coupled with intelligent design in order to beat the "Value Engineer".

SPECIFICATION & DOCUMENTATION: Throughout the module we will refer to ways in which to clearly document specified product and ensure application requirements and standards are met.

SHOWROOM VISIT: Join us at our Design Hub within the Design and Build Centre for a journey of the senses.