The Group formally known as Sole Practitioners started as a Self Help Group in 1986. The group meets twice each month at the Build and Design Centre, 66 Merivale Street South Brisbane (next door to the AIA Queensland Chapter Premises), from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm to discuss Architecture and General practice topics with special emphasis and application to issues affecting sole and small architectural practices.

All Architects who are sole practitioners or who are contemplating entering into small practice are welcome to attend. This includes practitioners who are solely responsible for 3 to 4 staff and this has recently been expanded to include small practices with more than one principal and staff (up to 10 people).

SESSION 18, 31 October

12:30 - 12:45 Presented by Peter Phan

Peter from Intelicorp will be presenting the new Tankless Throne King Smart toilet. As seen in this years episode of the Block, the Australian market is beginning to adopt a new way of toileting.

The Throne King can be installed in both S or P trap configuration while encompassing a variable set out between 80 - 350mm.

The tankless system is the only one of its kind available in Australia in both STM or VC finish. The tankless system reduces installation time and cost by 50%. This complete smart toilet is perfect for use in hotels, aged care, multi-residential and luxury builds.

12:45 - 13:00 Presented by Brett Haughtey

REA is proud to announce our new panels from REA Power, with our full black Architectural 300w panel and our 315w Performance class with clear magnification back sheet.

Teamed up with our individual panel operation with the Enphase micro inverters the REA solar systems are more efficient at delivering performance out of less roof area!

REA is also proud to announce our new fully Authorised partnership with Tesla, since the launch of the Tesla Powerwall 2 in July REA have been helping our customers take that next step towards energy independence.

Brett will speak about how the new REA Power panels on the individual inverters can be designed to incorporate the Tesla Powerwall and the pitfalls if a design has not been done correctly.